IP Shakti

ipshakti_fix_smallIP Shakti is the pre-eminent patent advisory and commercialization advisory service in the material science, energy, communications, electronics and medical device space.  IP Shakti provides exclusive patent advisory service for Fortune 500 companies in all fields of technology, discovering potential intellectual property assets with high value for monetization. IP Shakti collaborates with more than 80 universities around the world and is a leading edge company in early stage technology commercialization.


Patent Brokerage

IP Shakti’s experienced patent licensing and monetization experts can assist with patent brokerage, licensing and commercialization efforts.

Proof of Concept

IP Shakti provides proof of concept for medical devices and takes early stage technologies to market.

Patent Analytics

IP Shakti’s proprietary patent analytics platform can quickly identify top assets within a portfolio of 50 to 100,000 or more patent assets.  Both a spring board and starting strategy, the portfolio analysis becomes a useful tool for summarizing a huge amount of patent data while allowing focus on under-utilized portfolio segments.

Patent Advisory

IP Shakti’s technological and intellectual property experts can identify top monetization candidates within a patent portfolio, from both a patent and technology perspective.  IP Shakti’s advisory includes technological analysis, patent analysis, potential licensee analysis and financial analysis of potential monetization assets to produce a clear monetization picture.


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